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A reorganization within the store forces the staff of the Gentlemens Ready-To-Wear Department to share their floor space with the Ladies Department. Mrs. Slocombe, head of the Ladies, and Mr. Grainger, head of the Gents, immediately come to loggerheads over control of the center floor display.


Mr. Grainger refuses to take down his trousers and put Mrs. Slocombe's underwear in its place. Undaunted, she goes over his head to Captain Peacock, and then to Mr. Rumbold.



Season 1 Episode 1


Season 2 Episode 3 (S02E03) - The Think Tank


Season 5 Episode 4 (S05E04) - The Old Order


Season 6 Episode 1 (S06E01) - By Appointment


Movie 2018

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