Missions TV series BBCfour

Missions - May 2018

Adventure, Sci-Fi - Ten-part TV Series


The first manned mission to Mars is now approaching the red planet. The crew includes top-flight scientists and a young female psychiatrist, responsible for their mental health. But just as they are about to land, something goes wrong.


However after a chaotic landing on Mars, the team discover a survivor. But he is not from the American mission. He’s Russian named Vladimir Komarov, who died on a mission to space in 1967. Mysterious.


Creators: Julien Lacombe, Ami Cohen, Henri Debeurme
Actors: Hélène Viviès, Clément Aubert, Mathias Mlekuz


Missions | Official Trailer [HD] | BBC FOUR / Netflix

This marks the first time the BBC has acquired a sci-fi series from abroad, and continues BBC Four’s strategy to be the main hub for foreign-language drama on British linear TV.


The series, created by Henri Debeurme, Julien Lacombe and Ami Cohen, and directed by Lacombe, won the Discovery Prize at French festival Series Mania and took the TV Critics' best series awards at the MIP Drama Screenings in Cannes in April.

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