14+ FIRST LOVE is a 1998 Full Movie Free Online


Genre: Romance (2015)
Country: Russia


Alex glides his mouse tenderly over online images of Vika. He has been smitten ever since he saw her with her friends and cannot get her out of his head. Now he has found Vika’s profile online and has learned a lot about her. Vika has no idea about any of this. She is beyond Alex’s reach because her school and block of flats are enemy territory for him. Alex nonetheless sneaks into a disco at her school and plucks up the courage to ask her to dance. Incensed by the intruder, the other boys give Alex a beating. 



Director: Andrey Zaitsev , Producers: Olga Granina, Andrey Zaytsev
Operator: Kirill Bobrov, Sandor Berkeshi
Cast: Gleb Kalyuzhny, Ulyana Vaskovich, Olga Ozolapinya, Dmitry Blokhin, Irina Frolova, Sandor Berkeshi, Vladislav Goryachkin, Dmitry Barinov, Daniil Pikula, Ksenia Pakhomova, Elizabeth Macedon, Alexey Filimonov, Alexander Kononets, Alexei Kurtsyn, Eldar Kalimulin


Tanpa sengaja sebenarnya. Film ini kudapat tanpa sengaja. Melihat pemainnya masih muda belia, tentang cinta pertama, lalu kulihat rating di IMDB. Oke, kuputuskan untuk menontonnya.


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