Toxic Skies

Action, Drama, Sci-Fi - 2008


Toxic Skies movie 2008

Anne Heche stars as a World Health Organization Doctor who uncovers the real cause of an epidemic is the government's secret chem-trail program.


A respected virologist and a mysterious renegade race to find a cure for the deadly virus that’s spreading across the country like wildfire in this thriller reuniting Men in Trees co-stars Anne Heche and James Tupper on the big screen. Driven by a past tragedy that still haunts her years later, Dr. Tess Martin (Heche) discovers Jack Bowen (Tupper) is the one man capable of bringing the outbreak to an end, and convinces him to aid her in saving humanity from a devastating plague.


Director: Andrew C. Erin
Writers: Andrew C. Erin (screenplay), Kyle Hart
Stars: Anne Heche, James Tupper, Tobias Slezak





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