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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul stars in this white-knuckle thriller about a father and his out of control teenage son set against the high-risk world of motocross.

Obsessed with heavy metal and seething with rebellious anger, 13-year-old Jacob (Josh Wiggins, Lost in the Sun) finds release in the exhilarating world of motocross but his increasingly reckless behaviour is threatening to spin out of control.

It’s up to his hard-drinking father, Hollis (two-time Emmy Award-winner Aaron Paul) to get him back on track before he does something he can’t take back.

With a scorching performances by Wiggins and heart-wrenchingly raw turns by Aaron Paul and Academy Award nominee Juliette Lewis, RETRIBUTION is a powerful portrait of a family on the brink of destruction.

Starring – Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis & Josh Wiggins

Directed by – Kat Candler (12 Monkeys, 13 Reasons Why, Dirty John)

This film was released under the original title Hellion. 2014 – R15 – 1h 39m

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