What are the effects of porn on the brain

Sexual Education Show uncensored

Straight-talking Anna Richardson investigates contraceptive methods, meets a teenage girl who’s had 60 sexual partners and gets a group of teenagers to change a baby’s nappy.

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Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 13

The Final Update From Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District

After a year following the women inside Britain’s only legal red light district in Holbeck, this is the final instalment in the documentary series.

Ceri questions why her front door is vandalised, and Bee asks Adele for help when she’s asked to leave the Bed and Breakfast.

Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys

Documentary exploring the world of mutual relationships, where glamorous girls use their charm and beauty to get gifts and allowances from men.

Jodie Marsh On Steroids

Jodie Marsh wants to lift the lid on the extraordinary undercover world of steroid use, finding out why people take them and whether you can achieve the strength and appearance of a body on steroids, naturally, and explore the physical, psychological and emotional effects of steroid use.

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