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While the elite bask in luxury in the capital city, children starve on the streets from artificial food shortages orchestrated by a corrupt government.

Today, North Koreans are breaking down the barriers to discover the true horrors of the gulag state.

Following covert filmmakers, this documentary shows real life under the new leader Kim Jong Un, highlighting the contrasting ox-drawn farms to the glittering life of the elite in Pyongyang.


Sad fact for North Korea ns under Kim Jong Un. Covert North Korean filmmakers reveal how brave smugglers, both in and outside the country, are breaking down the barriers between the oppressed and the outside world through a secret trade of media.

The starving children on the streets are of artificial food shortages engendered by corruption. See how USBs, cell phones and DVDs from the South are transforming North Koreans’ views of their world.

Perhaps no other country in the world is as mysterious as North Korea. In the West, it’s known as the last Stalinist dictatorship, the land of dictator Kim Jong Un, bombastic military parades and nuclear missile tests. And it is actually quite difficult to look beyond the political and examine the daily life of 25 million North Koreans.

The documentary gives us an insight into North Korean life and helps us understand how the impoverished, isolated country has survived the end of the Cold War, the famine of the 1990s that cost hundreds of thousands their lives, and the never-ending diplomatic and military conflicts.

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